XXV 33cl + glasbierenkarakterbierenkarakter

XXV bier


Bij aankoop van één van onze producten bevestigd u dat u 18 jaar of ouder bent.

The beer is distinctive for its very tropical & hoppy aroma: grapefruit, citrus, pineapple, oranges and passion fruit. The taste is very fruity: exotic fruits, passion fruits, orange, apricot, some citrus, with a nice bitter ending. The beer has a good carbonation and is a very well balanced Belgian IPA. XXV is an all-grain beer, with no added sugar. Alcohol content 7%. It is a pale blond beer, a little hazy if the bottle yeast is added. It has a stable white foamy head. 


Origin of the beer: ’Bier & Karakter’ and ’De Landing’ teamed up to brew an American style IPA beer to celebrate the 25th birthday of their mutual friend Louis Vermeersch. The breweries were inspired by the many West-coast IPAs they tasted together. This led to the new Belgian IPA rich in hop aroma’s and initiating a New Wave of Belgian IPA’s (NEWBIs).